so sadness mood

hello i’m tranber,

i’m a very good friend of monne from toulouse france

we known each other since about 15 years, and we were always keep in touch since our first meeting

every times he was going to france he was trying to visit me and of course i was doing the same when i was going to germany

we spent lots of funny times together

during the last month of june he spent one week in my home in toulouse

as we had a lot of common interrests we were sharing lots of opinions and so there was a very deep relationship between us

it’s because of a very long discussion we had together that he decided to go working in munich

last time i saw him, when he left my home he told me that i had an important place in his life as a very good friend and that i helped him making good decisions that were very important for his life.

i should go and visit him in munich on october but i finally didn’t go there because of my job

i still can’t realise that he left us and i still can’t find any word to discribe my feelings and how sad i am because i lost more than a friend that will forever keep a very important place in my mind.

i didn’t write those few words in order to be published even if they are but just because of i needed it in order to try to say to him a last goodbye and how much i will miss him


from Bertrand Maniquaire

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