17 years ago, I met a crazy man in the dessert of Australia- he stole my heart and we spent 18months together -24/7.

He took me home to Germany as his “souvenir” where his family and friends accepted me into their lives.

We got Chipper- the fire truck to run on chip fat and went on more adventures. We always smelled bad but we were so happy.

Andre taught me so much… from fixing a broken old truck in the middle of the dessert with nothing but a spanner.. to embracing each and every moment of life with an open heart,

He took each moment to connect with the people around him, always having fun and making people laugh. Adventure, curiosity and creative solutions came naturally for Andre, He loved fiercely by completely accepting the people he was with and he was loyal, and kind. He lived every moment of his short life to the fullest with no regrets.

from Alicia from Australia. (partner with Moenne in 2000 and 2001.)


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